News Brief – Willowbank Estate Taken In Charge

Sep 30, 2023 | Cork City, South Cork

Finally, after 7 years your estate will be taken in charge by Cork City Council. Many of you will remember the summer of 2016 when I held a plebiscite in the park, whereby over 90% of you voted for the council to take the park in charge. As you know Irish Water was holding up the transfer.

This will be ratified at the next council; I have requested that the roads department do a survey of the estate.


Below is an extract from the Planning and Development Acts 2000 that outline the process…


When a residential development is carried out and completed in accordance with the relevant planning permission and all conditions attached, the developer may make a written request to Cork City Council (Development Management Planning Section) to have the public areas of the development taken in charge (for example, the roads, footpaths, car parking areas, public open spaces and services).


Alternatively, a majority of residents may also make a written request (please refer to section 180 of the Planning and Development Act 2000 as amended for further details).


A completion certificate must also be submitted from a Consultant Engineer on behalf of the developer. “As-constructed” drawings and a drainage survey must be submitted and any wayleaves and transfer of title (for example, in relation to public open spaces) if required.


On foot of a request to take an estate in charge a Cork City Council Inspector will inspect the site to ensure that all works are completed in accordance with planning permission granted and conditions attached, and to the required standards for Cork City Council to take it in charge.