While the goal of reducing car journeys, increasing public and active travel is a goal we all desire, it must be done with as little heritage destruction / personal property interference and reduction of trees as possible. All alternatives that achieve this should be tried first.

I would propose a 2 step approach to this route, in particular to the Douglas Village to The Southern road section. What I mean is , a 5 year trial period using the orbital route of the front and back Douglas roads. As preferred in the CMATS design. This will drastically reduce the need for additional road surfaces , reduce cost. As these roads will be reduced to 30KM per hour the pinch points can be shared.


Another option , my number 2 choice , would be to implement the Bus Gates ( I believe the position of the one on the southern side of the village is in the wrong place, it should be closer to Barry’s pub ) in a soft way. The reduction of the speed to 30KM per hour again will enable shared space for cyclists and busses , thereby reducing the need to increase the width of the road.

These should happen in conjunction with a better school plan more enforcement of those ignoring yellow box junctions.

If neither of these options achieve the required aim then and only then should the destruction of the road be considered.


Option 3 , is to proceed with the plan But leaving Route L out of the plan.

Park n’ rides while are a part of the overall plan , I believe they should be provided first. This will offer the public an option to use public transport rather than adding to the traffic . This could be particularly useful for the school population .

It should be considered that the area of the proposed destruction is not the problematic area , the Fingerpost to the fly over ( well Road ) is the area that needs to be solved.

The knock on effect to the Ballinlough and South Douglas road areas does not seem to have been considered. In the absence of this data it is hard to see the benefits . The suggestion that all the car traffic will be diverted to the Well road , which will lead to increased traffic to the Ballinlough road, Boreenamana road and indeed the Blackrock road will lead to significant difficulties.


I urge to to take these points into consideration or as I have said option 3 is to proceed without Route L.